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Strange Times

Well this is my first blog post on my new website and it comes under the shadow of Covid19. I am sat on my sofa having spent the morning cleaning, yesterday was the garden's turn for attention. Obviously now it's my website and the blog.

Before the present version of the 'lockdown', I managed to bring a collection of different potential work home. This included some pieces to photograph, materials with which to make, and lots of bits and pieces to fire up onto social media.

Actually on a positive note this social distancing, staying at home malarky has provided me with the time and (eventually) the motivation to do all the more admin type jobs that I can usually avoid via the studio.

Yes my lovely studio and sadly the kiln are in a building now closed. This means I can't finish any work off and have to make on the dining table in a house that isn't tremendously roomy, with the added distraction of 2 cats and Netflix.

This is my studio - I love it there. Miss it very much, but thinking I may have to consider getting the funds together for a kiln at home. You just never know what is on the horizon...

But yes, that said, I think in these strange times we are all living through, now is the time to get a grip on the stuff I avoid - in my case - websites, blogs and conquering social media.

I also want spend a good chunk of this time to re-evaluate my work, and the direction I want to take it. Maybe I could look at this as an artist residency at home.

Not sure how regular I will write my blog but hopefully folk will find it interesting in some way.

Thanks for joining me, see you next time.

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