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From Pottering About To Making Pots

After the first lockdown was eased and I was able to get back into my studio again I managed to finish glazing and firing pieces that had been on hold for the duration. Once that was done, I thought I would get into the swing of making more but it just didn’t work out that way.

Instead I started to look at wee jobs that I’d been meaning to do for ages and began actually getting them done.

These included making changes where possible to sculptures I was never 100% happy with, such as changing their attachments, the base or the giving them a new display option.

I also started to pay more attention to my Etsy shop, adding more items to the listings and since I’ve had 2 big sales. Woohoo!

(Etsy is a whole job in itself, but more of that another time.)

However it seemed to take me quite a while before I felt ready to actually make some new work and when I did I decided to have a go at making pots or vessels or bowls whatever you want to call them. I also decided this was more for the Dollface Ceramics side of my artist practice, which is what I call my Etsy shop and began with my jewellery.

This meant I got my doll face plaster moulds out and began constructing the pots. There was, as often is the case with me, very little planning, they evolved as I went on. I also decided to make small doll head pots to accommodate small easy to keep succulents and cacti.

I made 3 pots/vessels/bowls which are now all glazed and up on the old Etsy shop. The small doll heads are still waiting for me to source some plants for them. I have been pursuing local growers, fairly sure I’ve found one.

It was nice to do something a little different to my normal work and felt good to work with clay again and create something new.

They are now up on the Etsy shop.


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